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Best Mutton Biriyani
13 replies

Hi Foodies,

Where do you get the best Mutton Biriyani in Salmiya...>>>

NRI Account
14 replies

Can any one guide me as how to open an SBI NRI account from here in Kuwait ????

Thanks in

Indian Police Clearance Certificate
4 replies

Hai Friends

I am living in Kuwait.
I want to go Singapore. So I want Indian PCC.

CID Name different
3 replies

Good morning
I want to renew my daughters residence, the Latin name in the civil id is different

Lost Civil Id while vacation
3 replies


My friend lost wallet with his civil I''d while vacation. The residency new so sticke

Residence for new born – Documents required and Procedure
3 replies

I want to know about the new rule about residence for the new born babies. My husband doesn’t have a

Izenamel /residency
4 replies

After izanamel .what is the process to get residency done.

Coffee shop job

Posted by javed on 10/18/2019 10:12:08 pm


coffee shop job visa available from india only.

10hr duty
150kd sal

must english speakers
+965 6597 4613 whatsapp
+965 60764497 local

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New Cultural Center Loacation

Posted by rio on 10/18/2019 5:05:34 pm


please guide me how can reach cultural center entrace. i reched till the entrace but security said go another enetace . visited 3 time but till didnt find the entrace .

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civil id

Posted by simi on 10/18/2019 3:50:22 pm

my residency renewed in the passport and civil id same...but third name they add house name...there is one spelling mistake...but residency page and civil id names are same....any problem for travel...

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Posted by isac f.chakma laskar on 10/18/2019 12:02:54 pm

vacation flat or sale near german clinic vacation flat or sale near german clinic 1bhk flat vacation or sale opposite german clinic near hada center.if anyone need then call on very cheap.

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Izenamel /residency

Posted by mohd mohd on 10/17/2019 1:02:24 pm

after izanamel .what is the process to get residency done.

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Lost Civil Id while vacation

Posted by rio on 10/17/2019 11:53:55 am


my friend lost wallet with his civil i''d while vacation. the residency new so sticker even no in passport.

please advise what''s the procedure for return back .

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ACCA in Kuwait

Posted by fm on 10/17/2019 10:45:34 am

dear readers,

i am planning to study acca and need guidance from experts in terms of which institute to opt, fees structure, study material. i have done masters and have work experience of 10+ years. from what i read i can get exemption of 4 papers. so remaining 10 papers to clear. i read the details of papers on acca global and the fees chart but still not clear and i have no idea on how to start with it, hence looking for some expert guidance please.

you valuable suggestion and advise is highly appreciated.


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Driver Residency

Posted by r v on 10/17/2019 10:38:34 am

if any one know who stamp driver residency and put 500kd in isanmel?

please give their contact numbers?

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equalency follow up for nurses

Posted by rachel varghese on 10/17/2019 10:18:57 am

i applied mohe higher (nurses)...6 months mohe follow up status showing "send to foreign affairs "...then what is the next step ?where i contact? pls answer....

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Posted by irs to kd on 10/17/2019 10:08:54 am

from india irs 4lakhs to bringing kuwait . how much is cost and commission will deduct.


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Posted by kse on 10/17/2019 9:16:02 am

dear all,

last week i submitted application for noc from kse for my visa transfer. i think last sunday noc is ready for dispatch. till today i didn''t collect the noc from kse. after submitting the application for noc, i realized that my passport shall be renewed due to less one year validity issue for transferring the visa. i have applied for the new passport, which will be ready by next week, can i ask kse to change the number of passport & issue a new noc without claiming money, bcoz already my application is valid there.

any idea about this?

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New Passport & Visa Change

Posted by employee on 10/17/2019 9:11:24 am

dear my friends,

i have a doubt to clear about the visa transferring.
i am working in a company who is the main contractor, but my visa stamped in our subcontractor company, due to file close of my company during the time of my visa transferring last time. now my company told me that they can transfer my visa from the subcontractor. so i started the process of transferring the visa, my company told that my passport is not having one year validity, so need to renew the passport for the new visa transfer.
i know the procedure of making new passport and transferring my present residence to the new passport, which shall be done by the subcontractor company. i apply for the renewal of new passport, which will be received by next week, at the same time yesterday i visited the subcontractor company. they told as per new rule, no sticker in new passport, so that my company can use the new passport number and transfer the visa.
if subcontractor company is not changing the passport number in work permit and all other associated papers in ministry, can my company transfer the visa?

if anyone knows the real procedure, please let me know.
thanks in advance.

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License status

Posted by marzooq on 10/17/2019 9:05:36 am

my visa is belong to mubarak al akbeer and as investigated, it cannot be transferred to any other company and the only option left is i can renew it under the same sponsor or can be transferred to same project. presently , i have been here in kuwait for 3 years with a valid driving license and designation as engineer.
i''ve got a new offer from another company and they offered me a visa as well. all i have to do is cancel the current visa, leave the country and come with the new visa. so my queries are

1. what if i come with new visa, my civil id number will be changed or it will be the same what i have now.
2. since my college is not there in the kse approved list, i cannot obtain noc from them and cannot come with designation as engineer.what if i come with designation as computer programmer and with a salary of 650+ kwd, my driving license will be cancelled or not? if it get cancelled , do i have to wait two years again here in kuwait or any other chances to get it renewed?

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Cancelled Visa & exit with unpaid loan

Posted by niwantha on 10/17/2019 8:00:10 am

dear iik viewers,

i would like to know,

i have a bank loan and due to certain issue company will cancel my visa.i don''t have any 0 in bank ac and there is some money to be loan installments,no arrears.

is there any issue to face to airport while exiting with cancelled visa with unpaid loan?

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New Entertainment City

Posted by adb on 10/17/2019 7:57:23 am

new entertainment city to have 2,650 million square meters is this news came iik .
is this news is correct ?
dear civil engineer or any expert , please give your comments of 2650 million square.

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Removal Of Travel Ban Duration

Posted by chanaka fernando on 10/17/2019 7:55:46 am

dear all iik.

i would like to inquire if any travel ban imposed by moi against civil id filed by company,if company agrees to drop case and request to remove travel ban,how may days to take remove it and what is the procedure?

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Received call from Indian embassy

Posted by abc on 10/17/2019 5:35:13 am

dear all,

on 15/10/2019, i received call from these numbers. +22843769, +21378987, +36327115 , +28732288 and lastly +36406273. the caller''s name was rizvan ahmed and he told that he was calling from indian embassy from kuwait. he told me that he has received my file from indian high commission and that he will send me some mail for some confirmation.
has anyone received any calls like these before ? if yes, the please share your experiences. are these people hackers or what ? he just asked my name for a confirmation.

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Salary Limit for Renewal of Dependent Visa

Posted by kumar v on 10/16/2019 7:30:35 pm

is there any minimum salary requirement for renewal of dependent visa in kuwait. already dependents are here.

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Study in Canada Discussion Forum

Posted by gurpreet bhatia on 10/16/2019 6:17:30 pm

please share your questions/queries related to admissions for schooling, ug & pg programs and visa related discussions

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Kuwait Medical Report getting late

Posted by indian on 10/16/2019 5:26:06 pm

i completed medical yesterday (15/10/2019) from a gcc approved center as per my online appointment but till now didn''t get report,got response from medical center as i am fit.medical center guys said they can''t give report because from kuwait side pending from 14/10/2019. they are giving reports to all other there any problem for kuwait candidates in getting medical report ? when i contacted travel agents they said some medical centers are blacklisted...that''s there any case of any hold in medical center when we will get report?is there any solution if someone know about this..please reply

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Dish TV technician

Posted by dish on 10/16/2019 4:53:53 pm

kindly recommend a good satellite dish tv technician for setting up a connection. there are plenty of advertisements on classified but would prefer someone recommend. had plenty of bad experience before with half baked guys.

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Residence for new born – Documents required and Procedure

Posted by r v on 10/16/2019 3:52:46 pm

i want to know about the new rule about residence for the new born babies. my husband doesn’t have a kd 250 salary. will there be any problems in this case to getting residence for my baby born in kuwait. please give me favorable reply?
what is the procedure for baby residency?

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Adjusting renewal date

Posted by wife residency on 10/16/2019 3:18:06 pm

i will get one year iqama renewal for my wife from 12th nov for one year.

next year i want them to come in dec. how i can adjust the date that is like from dec to dec.

one way is i get extension at expiry for one month then renew but that wont be possible.

please do not tell me she can come in sep oct renew it again and then come in march again.

any other suitable ways.

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Travelling with Karama(Penalty)

Posted by shafikh hamza on 10/16/2019 2:32:19 pm

hello friends,

if i have karama (penalty),can i travel for vacation?

please advice..!

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Used car

Posted by rmk on 10/16/2019 1:51:06 pm

how to find out if a used car is good to buy? can we find out everything in a computer check center? which specific center is good and how much do they charge?

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Bonafide student certificate attestation in Canada

Posted by raja on 10/16/2019 12:36:37 pm

my son studying in canada and shall come after 1 year and therefore i want to make his iznil-ghayab in kuwait. does any one share where to attest in canada by canadian authorities such bonafide certificate prior to kuwait embassy in canada.

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civil id expiry date

Posted by rd x on 10/16/2019 10:32:43 am

my sons residency is until 7 oct 2020 , but the civil id issued has expiry until 7th feb 2020 .

my son will be 5 years on 7 feb 2020 , is this the reason why they have kept the expiry till feb for civil id .

what is the process to extend the expiry on civil id to match it with residency ?

thanks in advance

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CID Name different

Posted by krg on 10/16/2019 10:18:31 am

good morning
i want to renew my daughters residence, the latin name in the civil id is different from the name in the passport. will really appreciate if some experienced persons give a step by step procedure for rectification.

thanks in advance

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KSE-NOC-Comment ( College name is not mentioned in the Engineering Degree ?)

Posted by frn on 10/16/2019 9:57:11 am

dear friends,

i went to kse , in my degree university name only mentioned.
* kse commented that college name is not mentioned in the degree ?
i have a letter from my engineering college, in which my university name mentioned and they told get it legalized.
so. legalized means i have to get attested that letter by
1) indian embassy kuwait and 2) mofa kuwait and anything else required ?
please advise.
thanks in advance

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Latin name to visit MOI

Posted by thunder cat on 10/16/2019 9:14:37 am

my son civil latin name is not correct; from civil id to change latin name they are saying to go moi in website; where is moi location. i am staying in riggae; is it same where we go for residence
what all documents required

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Best Experienced Maths Tuition Teacher CBSE board in Salmiya Block 10

Posted by rr on 10/16/2019 7:24:19 am

dear parents
i am looking out to send my child for maths tuition from 9th std onwards cbse board . please suggest me a very good maths teacher who is excellent in teaching skills giving personal attention and solves question papers and coaches well with good results.please share honest reviews as i see many advertisements on iik but really confused to choose who is best.also let me know if someone comes home to take tuition as well -can leave contacts as well. thanks rr

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Visa status issue

Posted by praveen on 10/15/2019 6:12:52 pm

dear all,
i am really worried about my visa status. i am on visa 18 and my company''s license will expire by thursday. all the employees were aware about the same and the company already closed it''s operations in july. some already transferred and some are under process.

after that i joined a company in september but the new company couldn''t tranfer my papers due to some ministry issues during their license renewal and their accounts are now frozen which was informed this sunday.

i informed the same to my old sponsor and today, i got a message from him stating that they will not be canceling my visa but the license of the company will expire by this weekend.

my current mandoop informed that there''s no issue if the license is over because my visa is valid till december 2019 and can change from shoun but on the other end the old mandoop says it will automatically be canceled with the company''s license. my family is here in kuwait and we are really worried about the situation.
please assist if you have any idea about such situation.

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Newspaper advertisement

Posted by sunder on 10/15/2019 12:20:16 pm

dear indians, as per our indian embassy any name change or corrections need to post advertisement in kuwait news paper and then in india news paper. please can anyone share their experiences on how to go about.

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Which one best network Coverage Pocket Router in Abu Halifa

Posted by ia on 10/15/2019 9:35:55 am

please anybody help me, which one best network coverage pocket router in abu halifa area.
viva is best in mangaf to fahaheel area.
ooredoo is best in mahboula to salwa area.
zain is normal speed in across kuwait.
in abu halifa which is fastest coverage network ? please advise.

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Telephone connections under a Civil ID

Posted by alexander george on 10/15/2019 8:44:26 am

hi to all,
is there a way to check the number of telephone connections under a civil id in kuwait?
thank you

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visit visa and embassy affidavit

Posted by ds on 10/14/2019 7:00:01 pm

do i need to prepare embassy affidavit to bring parents on visit visa ? i got visit visa without affidavit before 2 years with the proof of parents name in passport. please reply

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Mubarak Al Kabeer Visa

Posted by saeed on 10/14/2019 3:06:21 pm

recently 2 of my cousins came newly to kuwait, they had paid kd-1600 each for the visa, only after they got some paper after medical (tasriya or something) did they come to know that their visa is coming under article 18 but is called mubarak al kabeer, and they cannot transfer their visa to another sponsor.
is there any options to know the kind of visa that is issued?
can this visa be transferred later?

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Western Gown Shops

Posted by ln on 10/14/2019 1:16:26 pm

hi, please provide details of shops selling affordable western gowns and party dresses.

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Tamil magazenes in Salmiya / Fahaheel?

Posted by ujjappan suresh kumar on 10/14/2019 10:39:55 am

where can i get tamil news magazenes in salmiya / fahaheel?

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Posted by engineer on 10/14/2019 10:02:06 am

dear guys,

i would like to know more about pmp.
what is the procedure/fees/best institute/benefits/time span about this.
any experts, please share your great knowledge about this.

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Indigo flight KWT~DEL

Posted by traveler on 10/13/2019 12:20:26 pm

need suggestion about indigo flight. please share past experience travelled from kwt~del~kwt

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Driving License Renewal

Posted by dharshan on 10/13/2019 12:00:24 pm

hi all,,
my dl was expires om 10moct , i went for renewal .. at asma maroosr. the counter kuwaiti man asl me bring my company mandoup.. is this is new rule ... last year i went alone with all requires papers. i have done alone without my company mandoup..
can any one share your experience , coz my mandup told me its your dl .. not company provide you then why they ask for mandoup???

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Civil id

Posted by sethu madhavan rajendran on 10/12/2019 8:54:43 pm

i applied for civil id on 1st october 2019
but "your transaction not yet processed"
like that msg i got
normally how many days it will take
please guide me

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Minimum Salary Requirement

Posted by rajeswari matta on 10/12/2019 3:28:31 pm

for new born baby in kuwait what is the minimum salary requirement of father? how much salary should be in eznamel?

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Civil ID name change

Posted by naresh on 10/12/2019 10:24:15 am

my name in civil id
english:- naresh gopilal singh ( same as in passsport )
arabic :- naresh singh.
will it create any issue while travelling to india ??? users please advice, need to travel home.

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MOH Recruitment

Posted by kumar on 10/12/2019 9:22:04 am

any body knows any interview is going moh nurses ?

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Nurse for dental clinic

Posted by yousef al sh. on 10/12/2019 1:29:27 am

hello. dental nurses with license from moh are needed for job vacancy at a dental clinic. both nurses with and without experience can apply, but most importantly with moh license. the pay is good; it''s a small clinic with friendly staff and 2 doctors. for any inquiry please call or whatsapp message 99611948. thank you!

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Birthday party suggestions

Posted by rajan on 10/11/2019 1:52:50 pm

hi iik viewers,

we are planning to have a birthday party for our daughter. she is turning one.

please give your suggestions regarding party hall, decorations and entertainment etc., we would have approximately 30 to 40 guests and we live in abuhalifa.

thank you.

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Car tyres offers in Kuwait

Posted by alex on 10/11/2019 12:18:38 pm

dear all
i want to replace all 4 tyres of my mini suv. i prefer some good quality tyres like michilen, bridgestone etc... is there any promotions going on in kuwait...??? pls share. also is there any other good brands recommends for mini suv.

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Lost Civil Id

Posted by surendra prasad on 10/11/2019 10:01:41 am

yesterday night i lost my civil id
please anyone tell me the procedure to get the new civil id

thank you

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